SAS believes that its unique corporate culture is the most important factor in maintaining its good client relationships. The Company's “client-first” policy and emphasis on teamwork are the foundation of its success in continuing to meet client needs with tailor-made solutions. SAS's success internationally has been predicated on its willingness and ability to work with customers and third parties in fulfilling exact and evolving client requirements. This deeply rooted client orientation is reflected in its close communications with clients and focus on gaining their long-term trust. SAS's long-standing customer relationships are a testament to the Company's focus on meeting client needs, one client at a time.

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Gloria Velazquez
General Manager
Daisy Santiago
Customer Service
Mayra Matias
Customer Service
Ruth Perez
Carlos Cotto
Eli Rodriguez
Operations Manager
Angel Otero
We are located at the conveniently premises of the San Juan International Foreign Trade Zone #61, with all the advantages that this can offer to our customers.
Building #1 – Warehouse 9 & 10
Road 165 Km. 2.4
Pueblo Viejo
Guaynabo, P.R. 00965

Phone:(787) 273-8200/07/08
Fax: (787) 273-8203

Road 165 Km. 2.4 Bldg #1 Warehouse #10
San Juan Foreign Trade Zone #61
Pueblo Viejo, Guaynabo, PR 00965
PO Box 9020261
San Juan, PR 00902-0261